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Krazy Tickets helps hosts from Australia to sell tickets to any event. Designed to be convenient to event hosts, Krazy Tickets offers different packages according to the hosts’ needs. Moreover, we allow immense maneuverability and overseeing of each and every detail for our hosts in their personal accounts which allows them to keep a track on everything from number of tickets sold, to tickets remaining, event information and much more.


Krazy Mediaworks was founded by two simple yet erudite individuals, Wahid Siddique and Zafar Munna, seeking to portray the ordinary and often overlooked scenarios of certain people, their interactions with society and matters often considered trivial through their works to reach out to the general public and spread awareness. With a minimalist mindset on grossing income through their works, their approach dedicated more to elucidating creativity and promoting dialogue to make a difference.


Krazy IT presents you its video blog, the “Krazy Utube” where you will find quality videos sorted into different categories such as music, entertainment, sports, drama and more. Quite like YouTube but stricter content filtering which means you won’t face problems like click-bait, disappointing videos and the persistent requests to like, comment, subscribe and share. We value our user’s time and have taken steps to make sure they easily find what they want and don’t end up saying that their time has been wasted, or they have been deceived by the title or thumbnail.

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