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BongOz Films Ticket Sales Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket through BongOz Films, you agree to these terms. They apply to both the original buyer and anyone using the ticket.

BongOz Films acts as an agent for the event organizer and operates the website www.BongOzFilms.com Please read these terms carefully before buying a ticket.

Changes to These Terms

BongOz Films may change these terms at any time. Updated terms apply only to tickets bought after the changes are made.

Site Usage

You must use this website lawfully and in accordance with these terms. We reserve the right to reject orders or deny access for any behavior that violates these terms, the law, or the rights of others.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on this website, including graphics, logos, and film clips, is protected by copyright and trademark laws.

You may not modify, copy, or distribute any content from this site without written permission from BongOz Films or its affiliates, except for personal, non-commercial use with the content remaining unchanged.

The BongOz Films logo and name are trademarks and cannot be used for business purposes without prior written consent.

Event-Specific Terms

Your ticket purchase is also subject to the event organizer's terms and conditions, which may include rules for entry. These can be found on our website or at ticket outlets, and are available upon request

Seat Allocation

When you purchase tickets for a movie with assigned seating, we'll assign you the best available seats. You can sometimes choose your seats yourself, but otherwise, they're allocated by our system.

By buying tickets through our website, app, or at the cinema, you agree to the following:

Contests & Promotions

When participating in contests or promotions on our site, you agree to any additional terms and conditions for those offers. You also consent to your personal information being used in accordance with those terms.

BongOz Films' Role & Responsibilities

BongOz Films is a ticketing agent for event organizers. Unless specified here, any claims about tickets or events are the responsibility of the organizer. BongOz Films is not liable, except as required by law.

We may restrict or close accounts of users who violate these terms, harass others, or act inappropriately. This includes accounts created to bypass existing restrictions.

Refunds and Exchanges

BongOz Films does not offer refunds or exchanges due to personal circumstances or external factors like bad weather. Refunds or exchanges are only provided if an event is canceled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated, and you can't or don't want to attend the new event, or if required by law.

If an event is canceled, we will automatically attempt to refund your original payment method. For rescheduled or relocated events, you must request a refund within 4 weeks of notification or 72 hours before the event, otherwise, you're considered to have accepted the change.

Liability for canceled, rescheduled, or relocated events is limited to the ticket price. We may require proof of purchase for any refund or exchange. Neither BongOz Films nor the event organizer is liable for other losses, like travel expenses, unless required by law.

We only replace lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets if their authenticity can be verified (including proof of purchase) and you notify us before the event. A fee may apply. Tickets for events with unallocated seating cannot be replaced.

We recommend considering insurance to cover potential losses due to event changes and reviewing the cancellation policies of other service providers you use for travel or accommodation.

Event Changes

The event organizer may change artists, performers, programs, prices, venues, seating, or audience capacity.

Entry Rules

To attend an event, you must follow the organizer's rules. Here are some common rules:

Ticket Authenticity

Entry may be refused if your ticket's authenticity is in doubt, including if it's damaged, altered, or not purchased from an authorized seller like BongOz Films.

Ticket Resale Restrictions

Reselling tickets for profit or using them for promotions is prohibited without written permission from BongOz Films and the event organizer. Tickets resold in this way may be canceled without refund, and entry to the event may be refused. We will notify you if this happens.

WARNING: Scalping (reselling tickets at inflated prices) may be illegal and subject to penalties.

Ticket Collection & Delivery

Please allow enough time for ticket collection or delivery. Options will be provided during checkout. BongOz Films may change delivery to "venue collect" to prevent scalping.

If you have a concession ticket, bring valid ID for collection and entry to the event.

Ticket Purchase Limits

There may be a limit on how many tickets you can buy for an event. If you exceed the limit, BongOz Films may cancel your orders without notice. This is to ensure fair access and prevent scalping.

Pricing Or System Errors

While we strive for accuracy, pricing errors may occur. We may cancel orders due to such errors, but we'll try to contact you to offer purchase at the correct price. 

Reprocessing Fees

If BongOz Films has to reprocess your ticket due to an error you made, you may be charged for the actual costs we incur, including any fees from third parties.

Our Website & Privacy

Our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are part of these ticket sale terms and conditions. You can find them on our website.

External Links & Ads

This site contains links to other websites, which are not under our control. We are not responsible for their content and linking to them is at your own risk. The presence of a link does not imply our endorsement.

Third-party ads on this site are paid for by the advertisers and do not reflect our endorsement. If you accept a product offer from a third-party ad, you are dealing directly with the advertiser, who is responsible for fulfilling your purchase.

Always review the terms and conditions of any website you visit through a link on our site.

Additional Notes

The word "including" in these terms doesn't limit other possibilities not specifically mentioned.


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